Our School was designated as an SGH (Super Global High School) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in FY2015. Only about 100 high schools in Japan have been selected for this designation, which is valid for a period of five years. The SGH program is implemented by MEXT with the aim of fostering global leaders who will play active roles on the international stage through education at high schools that contribute to this mission. Students will work to achieve goals such as developing a keen sense and thorough knowledge of social issues, communication skills, and problem-solving skills. We will continue to develop and implement unique and innovative approaches toward global leadership cooperating closely with Hosei University, businesses and the local community.

Theme of Hosei University Kokusai High School SGH Program

Developing a Global Leadership Program (GLP) to Nurture Leaders to Create a Sustainable Society

Our school's SGH program divides world issues into the three areas of “multicultural coexistence,” “global careers” and “environmental studies” Students will investigate each area via the two approaches of (1) our social involvement program, “PASS,” and (2) our academic research program, “Expert Courses.” Through this process, our school will develop students' communicative ability to propose ideas to society and their ability to turn ideas into action.


PASS 1st-3rd Year Students
The Program “Your Awareness Saves Society”

Multicultural Coexlstence


  • Pamphlets made by high school students for foreign tourists
  • English-language tours guided by high school students
  • "Have fun in japanese!" in the multiethnic town of Tsurumi
  • Reading English books at kindergartens and elementary schools after school

Global Careers


  • Proposals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics from community sports exchange (with elderly and disabled people)
  • Visiting corporations: Working woman -
    All-day shadowing
  • "Work? Marriage? Barriers at age 28" as told by high school students

Environmental Studies


  • Development and conservation:
    "The environment and its well-being"
    "Stop global warming"
  • "New possibilities through recycling and reuse"

Expert Courses
2nd-3rd Year Students

  • Connecting History
  • Yokohama Chinatown and Yokohama's History to the Present Day
  • Comedy and Humor:
    Cultural Comparisons
  • Semiotics:
    From Japanese manga to "Kawaii"
  • The Source of Culture
  • Career Designing in Japan and the World
  • Visual Culture and Self Expression
  • Woman of the World and Japan
  • Humans and Animals:
    Building New Relationships
  • Sapiens Studies

Presentation at overseas conference

Global leaders creating a sustainable society

Making Concrete Use of School Studies via "PASS"

“PASS” (The Program “Your Awareness Saves Society”) is a program in which students themselves propose plans to solve social problems and then turn those plans into concrete actions. Students' experiences working with the community and corporations to implement their plans will enhance their communicative abilities, sense of responsibility, and ability to take action.

Examples of student action:

  • “Change clothing to happiness” -Sending clothes to refugees project
  • Interviews with foreign visitors in Japan -Creating travel brochures for foreign visitors
  • Let's protect our oceans! -Through beach cleanup activities
  • Working towards a society in which women can shine
    * Examples of projects by first-year students in FY2015

In-depth Learning through Deep Ties with Hosei University via "Expert Courses"

Making the most of our ties with Hosei University, university faculty will provide numerous special lectures and workshops for many of the “Expert Courses.” Additionally, faculty from both the university and high school will cooperate to develop programs for students. These Expert Courses aim to provide unprecedented international education through collaboration between SGU (Super Global University) Hosei University and SGH Hosei University Kokusai High School.

Examples of Expert Courses:

  • Yokohama Chinatown and Yokohama's History to the Present Day
  • Studies of Folktales in Japan and Southeast Asian Countries - Source of Culture
  • Semiotics of Texts: From Japanese Manga to “Kawaii”
  • Career Designing in Japan and the World
  • Women around the World and Us
  • Visual Culture and Self Expression
  • Sapiens Studies
  • Humans and Animals: Building New Relationships …and more!

Putting Accumulated Learning to the Test Abroad via Overseas Study / Overseas Presentations

Overseas study trips students will take in some of the Expert Courses do not merely consist of “observation” and “training.” Rather, through discussions and workshops with overseas students, these trips will test (1) whether our students have developed the English skills needed to communicate on a global level and (2) the universality of their studies. This experience is intended to motivate students to develop their language skills further and to help clarify their individual goals as global citizens.

Examples of overseas study destinations:

United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia